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007 on Snow: Shreddin', Not Stirred.

While we patiently await the announcement of the next James Bond after the best-since-Connery Daniel Craig was blown to smithereens at the end of No Time To Die (wait, so he actually did have time to die? And why didn't he just jump 800 feet into the ocean like he's done so many times before? So many questions...), we thought we'd break out the shaker and take a look back at the daring moments with 007 on snow.

While Sean Connery's James Bond never got on skis, 007 has had some memorable martini-infused turns on snow with the actors who followed. One-hit-wonder George Lazenby thrilled audiences with On Her Majesty's Secret Service's two full-tilt ski chase scenes while wearing a powder-blue onesie and eventually only one ski while evading bad guy Telly Savalas in his pre-Kojak and Diner's Club days. Sir Roger Moore followed and became the ultimate alpine Bond with three on-snow entries, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only and A View to a Kill - the best of which was his first with the banana yellow jumpsuit while ripping on Rossi roosters in the classic chase scene with funkadelic disco music and the wait-for-it ending, though we've had to reassure new skiers and riders that not all terrain is nearly that terrifying and you hardly ever get shot at on the slopes.

After Moore, the best that Timothy Dalton could do on snow was to fashion a cello case into a getaway toboggan in The Living Daylights, which was about as ridiculous as, well, Timothy Dalton as James Bond. After we patiently waited for Pierce Brosnan to wrap up his Remington Steele contract, we finally got some quality bondage back with his suave cross between Connery and Moore and a return to ripping the gnar with the ladies in The World is Not Enough, though here again, we want to assure folks that you hardly ever get grenades thrown at you by paragliding snowmobile thingies.

Daniel Craig has taken Bond to a brooding level of vicious grit we haven't seen since Connery, and we will surely miss him as he wrapped up his Bond run with No Time To Die where he apparently also had no time to ski and stuck with warmer climes like we saw in the Connery years. While we'll forever be sad that this ripped Brit never got on skis, we note that he did take Dalton's lame cello case toboggan trick to a new license to kill level by using a crippled military aircraft to slide down a snowy slope and take out the bad guys in Spectre. Now that would be enough to rattle anyone's shaker.

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