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Quarantunes: Turntable Time

Growing up, my parents' record collection was an incredible introduction to many of the most amazing groups from the '60s and this is the original Beach Boys album that I first plucked out of the pile to see what these guys were all about. I was immediately hooked with their iconic hits "California Girls" and "Help Me, Rhonda," along with other signature harmony songs like "Girl Don't Tell Me," "Let Him Run Wild," "You're So Good To Me" and "Then I Kissed Her," a gender-flipped cover of Phil Spector's "Then He Kissed Me" that he wrote and produced for the Crystals a few years earlier. Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson was obsessed with Phil Spector's sound on that and other songs like The Ronettes' "Be My Baby" and "Baby, I Love You." (Top fans will notice there are only four Beach Boys on the cover; guitarist and occasional lead singer Al Jardine missed the sailboat photo shoot with the flu).

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