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Quarantunes: Turntable Tuesday

Breakfast In America

Another album cover that's at odds with our strange days, Supertramp's Breakfast In America with its airline window view of a diner-ized Manhattan skyline hints at the whimsical fun inside. "The Logical Song," "Goodbye Stranger," "Breakfast In America," and "Take The Long Way Home" were some of the defining tunes of 1979. Just drop the needle and dream of a day when we can once again "take a jumbo, cross the water."

Rebel Yell Anthem

You never forget your first concert, and seeing Billy Idol in the flesh at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in the summer of '84 was certainly an indelible memory for life. Arriving with my brother and his UVM Alpha Gamma Rho brothers in Idol-inspired tank tops, bandanas and cow chains (don't ask), Billy rocked SPAC with this album's "Rebel Yell," "Eyes Without A Face," "Blue Highway," "Flesh For Fantasy," and "Catch My Fall," along with his earlier "White Wedding," "Hot In The City" and the quarantine playlist standard "Dancing With Myself." (Fun fact: Billy Idol's stage name was inspired by a school teacher's description of him as "idle.")

NOT Business As Usual

Men At Work's debut album title Business As Usual could not be further off the mark in today's world and the band's name has been officially changed to "Men & Women At Work From Home" until further notice. Even still, this Aussie quintet provided a good deal of musical moral support in my early high school years with "Who Can it Be Now?," "Underground," "Be Good Johnny" and their signature anthem "Down Under" that introduced the world to the Vegemite sandwich.

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