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Quarantunes: Turntable Tuesday

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

If You Leave, Wear a Pink Mask

While the movie might not stand up to the test of time, the soundtrack for Pretty In Pink is a ripper with '80s gems like OMD's "If You Leave," Suzanne Vega's "Left of Center," the rollicking title track by the Psychedelic Furs, and other time capsules like "Do Wot You Do" from INXS, Danny Hutton Hitters' "Wouldn't It Be Good," Echo & The Bunnymen's "Bring On The Dancing Horses," New Order's "Shell Shock" and The Smiths with "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want." This one not only instantly transports me back to my beloved Hamilton College but my tradition is to blast this CD in the car every time I return to the Hill, which was perfect for our bittersweet trip to campus to retrieve our daughter Ellie's stuff from her Senior year dorm after her Covid-curtailed spring semester.

Saturday Night's Alright for Safe Distance Fighting

Saturday night's alright for safe distance fighting with Sir Elton John providing the soundtrack with this 1973 powerhouse double LP masterpiece. The best-selling studio album for Elton's stratospheric songwriting with Bernie Taupin, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road packs a string of great ones like "Funeral for a Friend," "Candle in the Wind," "Bennie and the Jets," "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting," "Harmony" and "Grey Seal."

Bring Back Our Manic Mondays

As we reminisce about when Mondays were still manic, The Bangles' Different Light album provides some easy listening pop from their 1986 multi-hit global chart-topper. This one also transports me back to Hamilton College when "Walk Like an Egyptian" was on the radio and MTV airwaves along with "Manic Monday," "Walking Down Your Street," "If She Knew What She Wants," and "Different Light." (Fun Facts: Prince wrote "Manic Monday" and the inspiration for "Walk Like an Egyptian" was passengers on a rolling ferry trying to keep their balance.)

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