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Partner Blog: NEK Hemp for On-Snow and Après-Snow

While every area of Vermont is uniquely special, the Northeast corner of the Green Mountain State is so well-known for its rugged individualism that Governor Aiken famously dubbed this region "The Northeast Kingdom" on a visit there in 1949. The nickname instantly stuck for this extremely rural and expansive part of Vermont which is also known simply as "The Kingdom" and "The NEK."

Agriculture has long been a dominant industry in the NEK, with farm families all across the region. Woven into this iconic agricultural fabric is the Devereux family in Barton, Vermont whose fourth generation farm has been diversified into a state-of-the-art hemp cultivation and CBD production operation producing NEK Hemp for scores of happy customers. And what makes them even more awesome is that they have a backyard rope tow on Barton Mountain with lights for night skiing and a warming hut so NEK Hemp is an ideal Get On Snow partner and sno-conspirator, and we are honored to share their story here:

"At NEK Hemp, we love winter sports and have been adventuring in Vermont’s snowy mountains and forests since we were kids. Our crew enjoys backcountry skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, just about any way to play on snow. We want everyone to know about opportunities for beginners to Get On Snow.

"CBD is a perfect complement to the rigors of snow sports. In fact, there are a growing number of winter athletes that use CBD for inflammation/pain reduction, recovery, better sleep, and calmness/focus during competition. Hitting the slopes all day is blissful, but not without a little soreness in the muscles and joints. For many winter sports enthusiasts, CBD is a much better alternative than using NSAIDs all the time. There are no harsh side effects and CBD works with your body rather than just to dull the senses.

"In particular, sore knees and lower back is a very common complaint for the winter athlete. At NEK Hemp, we offer a very effective CBD balm for direct application to sore joints and muscles. We also carry a great selection of organic full-spectrum CBD tinctures, including Maple, Berry, Spearmint, and Natural. After a long day on the cold snowy slopes, there is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath with our CBD soaps or bath bombs."

We can personally attest to the magically soothing powers of NEK Hemp's CBD products after a day on snow - especially when paired with a soak in the hot tub under the stars - but don't take our word for it; listen to the snow pro with Olympic Nordic skier Ida Sargent. Ida grew up in the Kingdom, so you know she's the ruggedest of the rugged athletes who make the Olympic team and she certainly knows a thing or two about what the body needs for winter recreation rejuvenation. Ida's a Vermont Olympic treasure and you can see here in her own words how much she believes in the NEK Hemp products after putting them to the test:

"NEK Hemp CBD oils let me ski for hours and then get up the next day and do it all over again. When I was training for the Olympics, I was often skiing, running, biking, and in the gym for three or four hours a day with lots of high intensity sessions and other hard workouts that would make me sore, but I have found that the CBD products allow me to recover faster and get back out there again sooner! I've started using it every day which allows me to feel my best and be ready to take on all of life's adventures! I grew up playing outside in the NEK so it's very meaningful to me to support a local company!"

If that's not inspiring enough, then be inspired by this amazing NEK Hemp prize giveaway gift bag spilling over with their curative products: a bottle of CBD oil, muscle therapy balm, topical lotion, bath bomb, body soap and a spiff t-shirt, all valued at nearly $300. We originally posed the trivia question "which winter Olympics did Ida Sargent compete in for Team USA?" and we are pleased to announce that Jessica V. was our lucky winner by correctly answering 2014 and 2018 - Congrats Jessica and enjoy!

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