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The Beauty Issue - Really??

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Here we have the go-zillionth Beauty Issue with [fill-in-the-blank] magazine full of Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Prada Yada Yada and vacuous stares from impossibly-perfect airbrushed porcelain dolls on every other page. The cover is at least a welcome face with Jennifer Aniston and her wholesomely comfy vibe of Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island and her sympathetic story of being dumped by hunk-o-tronic Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie who is basically a space alien and later dumped Brad for the planet Zion.

This cover story reminds us that the fashion, style and beauty of our community is much more grounded than those glossy pages, and while you will still see someone wearing a Bogner outfit that might require a second mortgage, you will just as likely be on the chairlift with a beloved Joey from Jersey wearing a Jets, um, jersey. Sure, looking good on snow is still a consideration, but when you see duct tape as a proud fashion accessory, you know you're on the right alpine, Nordic or snowshoe tracks with friends and family who just want to get after it and earn that can of IPA in the hot tub at journey's end. And if you want to go big with a fashion splash, you're still in good company with the likes of this legendary hall of famer "Nosedive Annie" Taylor who blazed her own way on snow. You can blaze your own trail too because beauty might only be skin deep, but the feeling of deep powder is endless.

Anne "Nosedive Annie" Taylor - courtesy of the Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum.

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